Prototyping, tooling, and customized parts manufacturing

ISCC PLUS – Certified bio-based plastics

An opportunity for a greener choice! Nowadays, many so-called traditional plastics made from crude oil can be made from renewable sources – fossil-free. Get to know about the certificate through the case presentation


AGCO is a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural equipment. Every year AGCO honors its top EME Region suppliers during its annual AGCO EME Supplier Day. In 2019 Okartek won the Supplier of the Year NPI price.


Waterless urinals from Finland to the world! Pikkuvihreä, founded in 1993, is a family-company specializing in ecological dry toilets, wastewater treatment, and composting. Pikkuvihreä offers different kinds of waterless toilet and wastewater solutions for holiday homes, villas and public sites with already 30 years of experience.


VALTRA manufactures multipurpose machines for agriculture, forestry and logistics. These heavy-duty machines are exposed to a wide range of mechanical forces, and therefore, the parts must be extremely durable.


Meltex Oy Plastics is a Finnish supplier of building materials and has been serving professional construction companies since 1993. Meltex is known for its vast variety of different products and for the expertise in HVAC.


No more and no less than the World's best storage box. Etra Bin set the bar for design. The box was first designed for inner logistics, but because of its features, Etra Bin became one of the hit products in general sales and is growing in popularity.

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