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Plastic thermoforming

Plastic thermoforming – cost-effective vacuum forming

Thermoforming is used to manufacture a wide variety of products, such as bus parts, refrigerator interiors, lighting fixtures, mudguards, basins and pontoons. Vacuum forming is a great choice for both large pieces and smaller batches.

What is thermoforming?

In Okartek’s thermoforming process, the plastic sheet is heated and shaped by a vacuum using a mould made of aluminium or wood. A robot or a cutting jig are usually used to cut the product into its final form.

Thermoforming accommodates pieces with a maximum size of about 1,080 x 2,700 mm and a material thickness of about 2–8 mm.

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Stages of vacuum forming

The plastic sheet is heated up to the forming temperature and then depressurised against the mould. The shaped product is cooled and detached from the mould. After this, the extra material remaining on the edges is cut off using a robot or a band saw. Any excess material is collected and delivered to the material supplier for reuse.

The process

  • heating
  • depressurising
  • cooling
  • detaching
  • finishing
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Okartek’s thermoforming process is high-quality and cost-effective

The thermoforming manufacturing method is cost-effective for large, simple pieces with small serial sizes. Thermoformed components can be joined by welding, gluing, by means of ultrasound or, for example, inserts. The visible side of the product’s surface determines whether the mould should be positive or negative.

Thermoformed or vacuum-formed products can be made of materials such as HDPE, HIPS and ABS or PMMA, considering the client’s needs. Other factors to consider when ordering the service include the colour of the product, thickness, impact resistance, fireproofing, UV protection, surface pattern (such as grain, smooth, etc.) and mechanical properties.

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Okartek plastic thermoforming with decades of experience

When thinking about your serial production process, contact our experts to discuss the option of thermoforming.

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