Injection molding - a modern and quick way of manufacturing plastic products

  • workpiece weight approx. 2 – 7000 g
  • workpiece size up to 1600 x 1250 mm; closing force up to 1300 t
  • we use more than 200 different materials in production continuously
  • we have several dozens of automated injection molding machines in production

Gas assisted injection molding

    • Gas is blown through thick walls inside a product – voids are formed in the product
      • a lighter, cheaper and more rigid product structure, no-absorption surface
      • the object will stay cleaner more easily when used
    Multicomponent injection molding – ”2K injection molding”
    • more materials are cast into a product at the same time
      • different parts of a molded piece have different properties
        • hard/soft
        • expensive/cheap
        • sticky/slick etc.
    • multicolor solutions
      • an impressive product
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    Thermoforming – a plastic product is manufactured by drawing a plastic sheet

    During thermoforming, a plastic sheet is heated first and then drawn onto a mold. The mold shapes the workpiece as needed. The excessive sheet is then cut off.

    We use robots and jigs in cutting. The
    method is well suitable for large workpieces and small production batches.

    • workpiece size up to 1080 x 2700 mm
    • material thickness on average 2 - 8 mm
    • finishing with a robot cutter
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    Finishing up to sales packaging on demand

    • printing
    • gluing line
    • ultrasound welding equipment
    • assembly jigs and other auxiliary devices
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    Warehouse and Logistics

    • barcode tracking in storage locations – FiFo
    • preparation for EDI connections
    • stock monitoring through the customer web portal
    • monitoring minimum and maximum levels of agreed inventory
    • deliveries to meet customer needs
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    R&D – idea-to-product

    • Product development
      • operation environment
      • selection of manufacturing method
      • product manufacturability
      • selection of material(s)
      • cost/investment calculations
    • Prototypes
      • 3D printing, small batches
    • Equipment selection brainstorming
    • Equipment procurement
    • assembly and finishing (printing, gluing, ultrasound welding)
    • purchased parts
    • packaging
    • logistics
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