Are you looking for a reliabe plastic manufacturer who can produce,
package, store and ship your ready product?

Plastic products we've manufactured

17 M

Produced plastic products in a year

2 680

Complete projects

97 %

Reliability of delivery



12 m


Our customers

Comprehensive service


Raw materials know-how,
mold know-how,
project expertise, technical

Injection molding

Injection molding, gas-assisted
injection molding, multi-component
injection molding


Low pressure molding,
vacuum forming


Assembly, packing,

Warehouse and logistics

Advanced and customizable
production control systems

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"We chose Okartek as our partner through (material) technical consultation and Okartek had the best prerequisites to our specifications as a contract manufacturer. The finished product was high quality which feeling and visuals differentiates from the rest of the market."

-Janne Kanervo, Commercial Portfolio manager, Kekkilä Oy

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