Christmas gift 2023

Instead of sending Christmas presents, this year we are saving the Baltic Sea and its heritage with the John Nurminen Foundation!

Eutrophication is the biggest environmental problem in the Baltic Sea. Although it has been possible to halve the nutrient discharges that eutrophicate the sea since the 1980s, visible signs of eutrophication, such as mass occurrences of blue-green algae, still harm the Baltic Sea. We support the John Nurminen Foundation, which implements effective and concrete Baltic Sea conservation measures and ensures that the stories of the sea are also passed on to future generations.

John Nurminen Foundation – Saving the Baltic Sea
Founded in 1992, the purpose of the John Nurminen Foundation is to save the Baltic Sea and its heritage for future generations. The Foundation’s projects improve the status of the Baltic Sea by reducing the nutrient load and environmental problems, such as eutrophication and nature loss, faced by the sea. The Foundation’s tasks also include safeguarding, celebrating and communicating the stories and cultural heritage of the Sea. The work is steered by measurable results and impact. The Foundation’s operations are mainly funded by donations and grants.

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