Own production

Construction products

Our product range also includes plastic products used in construction and concrete industry. Such as reinforcement supports, casting flanges and cones, wool nails and element mounting pads. Etra Oy and Meltex Oy take care of resale of our own products.

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Logistic products

We have been supplying logistic products to Finnish industries for many years. The products include lightweight pallets sized 400x600 mm and 600x800mm as well as various transpallets / component boards.



Okarroll multidirectional rollers

OkarRoll multidirectional rollers are suitable for all applications where flat objects are moved, turned over, sorted or transported. Multidirectional roller system operates on rollers that rotate around the

main shaft and four side axes. This brilliant idea enables moving of workpieces to more than one direction and even rotating them.

OkarRoll multidirectional rollers are sold either individually or pre-attached to a galvanized U-profile. OkarRoll multidirectional roller ”open” design prevents debris from entering in between the rotating

parts of the roller, so operability is ensured without additional maintenance.

Product Manager Leena Leinonen, leena.leinonen(at)okartek.fi, pho. num. +358 400 921 813 www.okarroll.com


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